Friday, September 19, 2008

Louis Rhead - the apple never falls far

Louis Rhead was one of a family of talented designers, illustrators and potters who made his mark in America designing images like the one above for The Sun magazine in 1894. His famous niece, Charlotte Rhead has become a household name to pottery collectors and Frederick Rhead, also, has become more and more collected ( i adore his Koreaware painted vases). Well, what has this got to do with Bishop & Stonier? Although i have not found any evidence to suggest any of the family were employed by B&S, the above image was used on an Oriental Ivory jug - i know i've already shown it to you, but here it is again. Now, my hope is that i will find another Bishop & Stonier jug with an image by Louis Rhead which may point at a real business connection and not that they just nicked the design.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

fame at last

It has never been my dream to be famous - Big Brother or X Factor is not my goal in life. But it was with a little glow of self-satisfaction that i came across an ebay auction for a fine pair of Bisto Blue & White candlesticks which seemed to point to my own, little blogsite. How I blushed! The candlesticks in question, are as the seller put it, Edwardian Flow Blue, and are indeed of the same pattern as my own (see previous Blue and White blog post). They are about and inch and a half smaller however so I am sorely tempted to bid on them to display infront of my current ones. They already have two bids however and i can see them reaching a good price because they are very attractive, in good condition and appealing to all sorts of collectors. click here to see... i was tickled pink, no, blue & white to see my name in stars!

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