Thursday, April 29, 2010

my latest acquisition

bought from an auction house in Manchester and expertly shipped to me by Mailboxes etc, a truly delightful teaset for 4. This P&B pattern is quite restrained in its colour scheme but because of that is eminently classic and useable even today. The only sadness i had was that the tray does not fit in my new Ikea cabinets. Doh!


Heroes, no not the sci-fi tv series (much as i adore it), but Heroes of the historic kind. These three graduated jugs, made of a jasperware type of earthenware, were produced by the Livesley Powell & Co company and commemorate some of the heroes/luminaries of the day. Sadly, that was the only description I could get from the auction listing! Who the heroes are is anyone's guess but i wouldn't be surprised to see Nelson on one of them, even 60 years after his heroics at Trafalgar.

to it's full potential

A while ago now, the 1990s phenomenon that is IKEA, opened a store in Southampton, just down the road from us here in Portmouth, Hampshire. I've tended to go off their products after having loved them with a passion back in the late 90s and now tend to buy vintage/antique furniture and decor. But i had found that my 1950s Herbert Gibbs display cabinet just wasn't up to the job of showing off my Bisto collection to it's best. I felt it needed to be shown off with just light and glass around it, so i persuaded my hubby to take me to Ikea to purchase some of their Detolf units - a bargain price of under £40 each. I think they look great and i'll be going back to buy more some time soon.

a long silence..........

you may have wondered why there has been SUCH a long silence on this blog. The dustballs have really been rolling haven't they. Well, i have been rather busy with all sorts of ceramic interests, not least, setting up my own stall in an antiques centre. I am dealing in all sorts of ceramics, glass, treen etc, but mainly focussing on vintage (1950s/60s/70s) types of collectibles and studio pottery. However, i put on my stall anything that generally takes my fancy. So far, so good and people seem to like my taste. Never fear though, i shan't be selling off ANY of my Bishop & Stonier collection!!!!

Livesley Powell mystery object

A gentleman named Terry has contacted me regarding this mystery object. It was made by the Livesley Powell partnership in the pattern, Delhi. It is a curious object and between us we can't decide what it was for. Terry thought it was a teapot stand and I'm more inclined to think it's some kind of strainer (strawberries or asparagus perhaps?). Anyhow, whatever it is, Terry has asked that I publicise the fact that he would like to sell it - and if you can tell us what it is, we'd both be grateful!
to make an offer on this thingy-me-whatsit, you can contact the owner direct at

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