Thursday, April 29, 2010

a long silence..........

you may have wondered why there has been SUCH a long silence on this blog. The dustballs have really been rolling haven't they. Well, i have been rather busy with all sorts of ceramic interests, not least, setting up my own stall in an antiques centre. I am dealing in all sorts of ceramics, glass, treen etc, but mainly focussing on vintage (1950s/60s/70s) types of collectibles and studio pottery. However, i put on my stall anything that generally takes my fancy. So far, so good and people seem to like my taste. Never fear though, i shan't be selling off ANY of my Bishop & Stonier collection!!!!

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bisto boy said...

update... i stopped my antiques centre dealing activities some time ago as i found i just didn't have the time to put into it. I couldn't get to auctions very easily because of my full-time work commitments so i had to buy stock at almost retail prices and just hope that i was finding the missed bargains. It wasn't the best business strategy, proving that the only way to make serious money out of antiques is to be very lucky, or to buy at wholesale (auctions) and then sell at a big mark up for retail. I'm occasionally selling off things on ebay that are cluttering up my flat, but not in a committed way, just for pocket money.

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