Thursday, April 29, 2010

to it's full potential

A while ago now, the 1990s phenomenon that is IKEA, opened a store in Southampton, just down the road from us here in Portmouth, Hampshire. I've tended to go off their products after having loved them with a passion back in the late 90s and now tend to buy vintage/antique furniture and decor. But i had found that my 1950s Herbert Gibbs display cabinet just wasn't up to the job of showing off my Bisto collection to it's best. I felt it needed to be shown off with just light and glass around it, so i persuaded my hubby to take me to Ikea to purchase some of their Detolf units - a bargain price of under £40 each. I think they look great and i'll be going back to buy more some time soon.

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bisto boy said...

would just like to say that the awful 1990s wallpaper that we inherited when we moved in has now gone! Replaced with a linen colour, Drill weave textured wallpaper which looks like real fabric. A big improvement.

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