Thursday, April 29, 2010

Livesley Powell mystery object

A gentleman named Terry has contacted me regarding this mystery object. It was made by the Livesley Powell partnership in the pattern, Delhi. It is a curious object and between us we can't decide what it was for. Terry thought it was a teapot stand and I'm more inclined to think it's some kind of strainer (strawberries or asparagus perhaps?). Anyhow, whatever it is, Terry has asked that I publicise the fact that he would like to sell it - and if you can tell us what it is, we'd both be grateful!
to make an offer on this thingy-me-whatsit, you can contact the owner direct at


Linda said...

I have a Livesley Powell meat platter that has an insert very much like this one. Not the same pattern, however, the same shape. I bought the platter with insert to use at Thanksgiving for the bird. My understanding of the use was that it would allow the juices from the meat (roast, fowl, etc) to drain and then collect on the platter. My pattern is a lilac color and I know very little about it. I can send along a photo or two if you can assist me in identifying the pattern and value. Hope I've helped to solve the mystery object...

Anonymous said...

I bought a Minton object that looks similar at a locl garage sale. The lady told be it was a strainer insert for a tureen (which broke years ago). I'll put mine up on ebay tonight and see what other comments I get there.

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