Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another piece in my collection, is a side plate, with a spiral ribbed design. This time the pattern is in a iron red and green colouration, again with gilding.


cindy said...

I recently purchase a piece of Powell Bishop & Stonier. It is a 14 in rectangle white plater with a brown transfer patter of flowers around the edges. The word Ripley is above the stamped mark and I was wondering if this was the pattern name and the value of the piece. Any help would be helpfule

bisto boy said...

hi Cindy, well, you can see how infrequently my blogging has become - i think you left this message quite some time ago! ooops. my apologies.
In my experience of PB&S collecting, and pottery collecting in general, plain brown transfer printed wares tend not to be that valuable - certainly not as commercial as Blue & White white is a perennial favourite with some collectors buying B&W from many manufacturers just because of the pattern/print design. Sadly, Brown and White is out of favour even though there may be some designs which are quite rare and not found in other colourways. My advice to you would be, keep it if you like it, but don't expect much if you try to sell. If you want to hunt down the rest of the set (invariably these things come from large dinner services), you could try the pottery replacements website they have a list of manufacturers and patterns that are available. hope that helps?

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