Saturday, April 05, 2008

a selection of jugs from my burgeoning collection...

Here is just a small selection of the jugs in my collection; they line the top of one of my bookcases and show a timeline of manufacture through the various partnerships. The oldest is an L&P (Livesley Powell) jug with beautiful flower and bird transfer print design and handpainted enamel colouring. There is another of a similar design from the oriental ivory range called "Wild Rose", made by the partnership of Powell Bishop & Stonier. The tall thin jug with the Deco interpretation of a Pre-raphelite woman is a very interesting and rare Bisto design. The pattern was designed by Louis Rhead (of the famous Rhead family....Frederick....Charlotte) who was a well-known illustrator who travelled to America and France. This image was used for The Sun magazine which in itself makes it very appropriate that Bisto should use it because one of their marketing mottos was, "the Sun never sets on Bisto wares", probably referring to their widespread export to all four corners of the globe. Indeed, by this stage in the company's history, it really was a worldwide trading empire!.

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