Sunday, March 29, 2009

being drawn to the Dark Side

i recently mentioned how i'd found the pottery and glass forum, via Mark Hill's blog. Well, from what i can gather, most, if not all of its regular contributers are mad keen on West German Pottery (WGP) and rate it highly as a collectible that is going places (particularly in terms of value). Mark Hill has written on the subject and there has been an exhibition to showcase the out put of West German pottery manufacturers - predominantly of the 50s, 60s, 70s. Well, i swore to myself that i would not be drawn in any further than the one WGP vase i already owned. But i'm afraid i have succumbed. Above is my collection of 4 WGP pieces, but i "promise", that's it now... no more... ...... ............ ........ err....

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bisto boy said...

i put this picture up on the pottery and glass forum site and it was commented upon that the green vase in the background is NOT by a west german company at all - although the impressed numbers on the base look very similar. It's actually by the Kilrush factory in Ireland. After googling for images of their wares, i have to say, i'm far more attracted to them than the W German stuff i've seen - mostly "FAT LAVA" which, lets be honest, is pretty darn ugly for the most part. Yes, i find them (WGP) interesting academically because of all the different glazes and how they took one shape and used many different ways of decorating it, so you can collect lots of the same shape to display together. But, in terms of aesthetics, i'm just not a 'retro' person at heart - my kind of retro, is Victorian and Edwardian. So, i think from now on, any WGP pottery that finds itself on my shelf will have to be either really rather special, or dirt cheap and just a must have for investment. There's no doubt, this area of collecting is due to explode over the next few years, but it looks like the vast majority of really good pieces have already been snapped up by the major collectors in the field.

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