Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cheesey wotsits

The shape of the cheese dish above will be familiar to most people - a big horizontal wedge to accomodate a large hunk of the stinky stuff. But recently up for auction was the splendid example below: under the Oriental Ivory label and with handpainted transfer decoration, this upright wedge is quite unusual. Another shape of cheese dish that you find is a dome shape, but I have yet to see a (Powell) Bishop & Stonier version.


chaz said...

The first of these cheese dishes has a pattern very similar to one (Briar) on a George Jones & Co chamber pot I have produced in 1881.

bisto boy said...

i have a comport by George Jones in the Briar pattern , and yes, i see what you mean about the similarity of pattern. But, I must concede, George Jones coloured pattern is much prettier than then plain brown transferware by Bishop & Stonier.

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