Sunday, November 14, 2010

the big fish that was never mine

if anyone has seen my twitter page over the last month, they will have read that I have had a major case of annoyed jealousy, mainly directed at my twin brother. I went round to visit him a while back and saw on entering his house, tucked behind his front door and containing umbrellas, a beautiful piece of Studio pottery. I recognised the style immediately and picked it up with a lump in my throat. The mark underneath was for the emminent potter, Hans Coper who famously worked with Dame Lucie Rie. I was gobsmacked. My brother had picked it up in a charity shop I had to put on my most serious face when i advised him that it could be worth thousands. After sending pictures and emails to several auction houses, he's now consigned it to a web-based auction and it is up for sale at the end of November in their contemporary ceramics sale. Take a look for yourself to see the details. The only thing i can add is "the jammy bugger" and "don't forget my cut".

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