Thursday, July 14, 2011

like buses

Just like buses it seems, when you never thought you'd see one, low and behold two come along one after the other. Only recently I blogged my joy at having finally found a dome shaped cheese dish and cover - even though i had to make do with a "mixed marriage" of an unrelated top and bottom. Then, it just so happened that i was viewing an upcoming sale at my local auctioneers, Nesbits of Southsea, when i spied a complete set. My heart missed a beat and jumped into my throat. Ok, ok, so a bit melodramatic. I was delighted at my good luck find and decided that the I MUST be the owner of the Precious. I discussed with my partner how much I should be willing to pay to secure the winning bid, but then found out to my consternation that the cheese dome was only one part of a 'lot'. It came with a very large Portugese jardiniere which I didn't have high hopes for and which really doesn't fit with my other collecting interests. However, on further investigation, it turns out that the jardiniere is also rather special - being made by the Vista Alegre factory, a quality firm . Whilst i shan't be keeping it, i'll enjoy it while it's here.
p.s It's HUGE! and VERY HEAVY!!

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Anonymous said...

Did you sell the Vista Alegre urn, or is it available still?

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