Monday, November 28, 2011

Late Entry!

Oh how i wish i'd seen this a bit earlier!!!! This stunning tea set by Powell Bishop & Stonier is being sold at Gildings auction house in Market Harbourer (they have been on Bargain Hunt many times so may be familiar to you). I have 'borrowed' their pic with no malice intent, but to show you this wonderful item and direct you to their catalogue. The estimate seems like a come and buy me, but it's hard to tell about condition without having seen it.


Amazing Glaze said...

With an estimate £100-150 it is worth a bid! very beautiful! You could contact them for "more" information... looks good in the photograph-but you can do anything with a good camera....

bisto boy said...

This set is now for sale at the Antiques for Everone fair at Birmingham NEC (April 2012). Hubby has just spotted it on a stand and phoned me. The hammer price at the Gildings sale was £90, so if you see it for sale at the fair, don't let them forget you know how much they paid for it!

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