Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valued on the Strength of Design

The above pair of Aesthetic vases are currently being sold by an online dealership in the USA.  They are a really lovely example of the wares of Powell & Bishop.  The dealer certainly thinks so because they have a hefty price tag of $2200 !  My heart would skip a beat if i thought they really might sell for that kind of money because as you will see in the picture below, I have a pair in a the same shape by this factory, but not the same pattern.  The pattern on the ones above are, i believe, the Mikado pattern, executed in a very lovely gilt and pink coloration on a pale green base with pink legs and bottom - exquisite to my Aesthetic loving mind.. My own pair is decorated with floral sprays in a much more European style with fashionable turquoise and a blush ivory effect.  What is thrilling about finding a pair for sale with such an enthusiastic price tag is that the dealer rates the design so highly that they think it deserves that kind of price, even though they have no idea who made them - or at least, without feeling the need to mention the maker.  Now, I would agree that in this instance, the Mikado pattern is far superior to mine and deserves to sell for a higher price.   But there's hope.
Whilst researching for this blog post, i came across a single vase that sold last year in Australia.  Unfortunately, i don't know if it sold for a good price.  Of course, you always get more for a pair!

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