Sunday, June 10, 2012

Children's Hour

BBC Radio was once the entertainment of choice for the British public back-in-the-day.  As it is today, long before the Tweenies and In the Night Garden, part of the BBC's output was directed at the nation's children in an hour long programme entitled, creatively, "Children's Hour".  Bishop & Stonier produced nursery ware to tap into the affection for the programme and these pieces are now very collectible for Bisto and nursery ware fans.  I have not found any other factories making baby plates which commemorate this radio programme so  perhaps Bisto were specially commissioned by the BBC to produce the range? Who knows.


Vintagemaison said...

I like these very much: the colours are lovely and the effect is sweet without being too cloying.

Anonymous said...

hello, a friend of mine has one of the plates shown in the picture. its the baby plate on the left. I am curious about how rare these are and what value they hold. many thanks
joe (

bisto boy said...

a retail price for the childrens hour baby plate would currently (jan 2014) be around £40.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your reply. my friend will be pleased< more so with the history of it. I think it will come out the box and back on display. thanks again, joe

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