Monday, January 28, 2013

Bisto kids and scouting boys.

Bisto were well known for producing nursery ware and commemoration wares - in fact, most of what is written about the factory in books like Millers guides, focuses only on these lines of production (as we know, they did much more).  But the stuff they did make for children and for commemorating events like royal weddings and visits by notable people etc was well made and perhaps a cut above much of the rest.  One such example of really nice commemorative ware is this child's plate/dish illustrating the scouting movement.  It came up for auction a few years ago (i didn't buy it sadly), but i thought i'd show you the catalogue illustration.  When pieces like this come up for sale, they inevitably have numerous collectors bidding on them because they cover several collecting fields.


Anonymous said...

7576Got an old porcelain plate marked bisto, teaplate size. green and gold on white, raised pattern R 325033. Does it have a pattern name?

bisto boy said...

i'm afraid i don't know if your plate would have a pattern name other than the R number. They produced hundreds of designs so it's likely that most only had numbers.

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