Thursday, August 10, 2006

I have two tazzas with eagle claw moulded trefoil bases. They have two very different designs: 'Mikado' , an oriental inspired aesthetic design and a hand-painted armourial design (probably a special commission) with heraldic beasts, intials (AR & F) and a date of 1883. It also has a latin phrase,"Virtue non armis fido". If anyone can tell me what this means, i'd be very grateful! I have also seen the same body shape with a nursery rhyme theme (these were commonly produced in 1920s/30s and mostly on childrens teasets and beakers etc).


Ben said...

Virtue non armis fido = 'I trust in virtue, not in arms'. You're really into this stuff, aren't you? I'm surprised Callum couldn't translate for you - he seems a knowledgeable chap.

stonehouse said...

Hi There,
Have just picked up a large amount of Mikado dinner plates and large soup plates, which I will be putting on Ebay under the username of Kelterman.I love Oriental inspired porcelain, and we deal in it regularly.
Regards Numki

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