Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oriental Ivory

So, here is my collection of Powell, Bishop & Stonier (P.B&S) in the Oriental Ivory range with the chinaman+parasol backstamp. It's interesting to note the variety of patterns, from very obvious oriental inspired designs, to very un-oriental ones which simply used the ivory body.


sandy said...

hi there, i am trying to find out information on this really large platter, from powell, bishop, stonier, it has themark of the chiona man holding the umbrella, reads oriental ivory in the umbrella, reg # 49895 also named autumn, also in red reads, 3706 or 370b i am clueless, any info would be greatly appreciated, it is a bveautiful platter of like a violet pinkish flowers, just stunning, thank you..

bisto boy said...

hi Sandy,
The reg # would be the date that the pattern for the platter was registered - there are books, and possibly internet sites that can help you identify the date (or approximate date). There is more info online about how to date registration diamonds, but not so much around about simple numbers - you local library may be able to help. As for the painted number, that would be the pattern book number for the pattern "autumn". I'm fairly sure i've got a compote with the pattern name autumn, but not sure it has flowers, more reddish/purplish/orangish autumn leaves. It's stashed away in the loft at the moment so i can't get easy access to check, but it may be that "autumn" was used as a pattern name for a few variations of aumtumnal looking designs. As for who designed the pattern, i'm afraid i have no idea! That kind of info may be stashed away somewhere in the Wedgwood museum in Stoke - the company bought out George Jones, who in turn had bought out Bishop & Stonier. So, they may still have some of the company's records such as names of individual artists and potters.
Sorry not to have any more info for you than what you already know.

bisto boy said...

p.s, do send me a pic if you like and i'll be able to confirm if it's the same pattern as a piece i've got, or whether "Autumn" was a name they used for several patterns.

Stephen said...

Good Day,
I am looking for information about what I believe is a console bowl that belonged to my grandmother. From researching, so far I think the piece is by Powell, Bishop and Stonier. It has the Oriental Ivory mark but no caduceus. The bowl is cream coloured with gold on the handles which are shaped like bows. The brown print is floral. On the bottom of the pedestal reads, "Rd 89956" In an almost cartouche design there is the name "LEICESTER" and there are 2 imdentations: one is a triangle with an "O" in the center and the other mark looks to be a capital "L".

I would be happy to send a digital pic if that will help you. Thanks in advance.


Stephen Clair

bisto boy said...

hi Stephen,
by all means, do send me a picture. The Leicester pattern is not a particularly unusual one but it would still be nice to see it in another variant form (i've only seen it on plates in blue and white) The circle in a triangle mark is a mystery as yet unsolved. Most, if not all Oriental Ivory wares have it and it is sometimes confused with the date code mark used by Minton. An explanation for it's meaning is yet to be discoverd. The capital "L" is more intriguing as i have never seen such a mark on a piece of PB&S. Are you certain that this is what it is? could it perhaps be a 7 when turned the other way up? if so, this would make more sense as a shape number.

Melanie said...

Hi, I'm interested in knowing more about several pieces of p.b & s items i have with researching the stamps on the back, I found that it is from Dec.6th 1880 called the"Paragon". Is this a pattern name? I've seen another "Paragon" piece online that is supposed to be from exact same date as mine, but they look nothing alike. The pieces I have are an off white with a darker brownish orange design of oriental fans, vases, a bamboo stick, birds and feathers. I have several plates and two large bowls with lids and ribbon shaped handles. Could you please tell me if what I have is correct? Or if "Paragon" has several designs? Thanks. I will send photo if needed.

Brittania said...

Hi Bisto Boy, I've purchased a dinner plate with PB&S under the 'Leicester' mark. The Chinese buddha holding the umbrella also has the PB& S below it. There is an 'O' and a triangular mark which has a recessed circle in the centre. The pattern is a green one. Other than your page I have not found any similar comments, but I am only just starting to look. Here is a link to it.
Just wanted to share and see if it is one you recognise easily? Thanks for any feedback ;-D

bisto boy said...

Hi Brittania,

thanks for your message.

I wrote about the pattern Leicester a while ago when a piece came up on ebay: So, yes, it's familiar to me but i don't own any myself. The circle in triangle mark is a mystery to anyone who collects PB&S as no-one (to my knowledge) has come up with a diffinitive answer as to why it's there??? pretty much all Oriental Ivory i have ever seen, has this mark too so perhaps it's used on these pieces just incase there's no room to also put the printed chinaman mark. Therefore, you'd still know it's an Oriental Ivory piece? just a guess. Date wise, PB&S would put your piece 1878-1891. The style of Leicester would suggest the end of that period though when orientalist/aesthetic tastes were waining and naturalistic art nouveau type design of flowers and swags were coming into fashion.

Brittania said...

That's very interesting! Thanks, will take a look at the other page. ;-) If I find out anything of use in my searches I shall let you know!

Tracy Carrington said...

I have a meat platter that has the Oriental Ivory mark and the caduceus on the back. Above the wand is a pattern name? Which spells CROSVENOR. I can't find a defence to this anywhere. Any ideas? The plate has a floral transfer pattern in reds and browns.

I hope you can help

bowledforaduck said...

I have inherited 5 large soup plates with a rather smudged "umbrella man", triangle stamp, "a 6193" hand painted in red, and the word "CLARENDON" within a chain link box over the initials P.B&S. The patterning is of redbreasted birds holding bronze garlands of flowers.

Know any thing about this pattern?

Gerry said...

I have a platter by PB&S, it looks quite old. It almost looks like an oyster platter as it has 3 separate bowl like sections and a handle on top. It is painted gold around the edges and each bowl part is painted with flowers. I've checked the stamp against all the photos I can find online but cant find an exact match.It has the Buda stamp and also another brown one but some of the letters are faded, I think it says Chelsea PB&S and has what I think says Rd2656. Theres also a few numbers in red 29943. Its a beautiful piece in excellent condition. Would it be possible for me to email you some photos to see if you can give me a bit more info on it and a rough value

Anonymous said...

Hi there

I have recently acquired a small tea set for one with the oriental ivory backstamp / man with parasol. It's a small teapot (probably 1.5 pints), trio and mini milk jug / sugar bowl.

It's quite plain - ivory in colour burgundy trim / bandings and gilt.

Would you have any idea of value / age??

Anonymous said...

Hi there.i have recently come across a beautiful platter which is a brown red paisley has all the usual circle in a triangle and buddah with umbrella its numbered in red orange 6602 but in a fancy scroll work has ashley with b &s under the scrolling it has other impressed letters and number around the back inc 12.and another 6 figure number which starts with an r and ends 39 it also has a brown 4.uts a beautiful platter,can anyone help me on this piece and is ashley the pattern or is it l ashley as would be v typical of her design.thanks

xxx5 said...
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