Monday, December 22, 2008

Eat your heart out Minton

I bought this green bodied, Conway patterned tazza some time ago, but was only recently marvelling at the stunning quality of the base when i served up mince pies to my family on Sunday evening. A pre-Christmas get-together was the ideal opportunity to show off some of my collection with a buffet of nibbles served up on various tazzas/comport dishes. What I love most about tazza designs is mainly down to the stand. The variety of designs is astounding: cherubs, eagle claws, classical columns, aesthetic movement flowers, arches and oriental bamboo, etc. The above example is surely a match for any contemporary piece by Mintons? Whereas P.B&S were not reknowned for 'exceptional' quality like Mintons or Derby, some of their wares were pretty fine indeed and they won awards.... more of this later!

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