Monday, August 15, 2011

sweet as nectar

not one of mine, but this Powell & Bishop dish and cover is simply divine. The motifs of bees would suggest that it's for honey, but how? I suppose you could be raw honey comb inside, but anything liquid would not be contained under a dome like this. I would therefore suggest that this would have been part of a table setting which continued the motifs of bees on other pieces, so in this example, they are just decorative and not indicative of its function. So, perhaps it's for butter, muffins, or cheese? It's hard to tell as i don't have its dimensions and to be perfectly honest, i can't remember where i got the picture from (probably an auction catalogue from somewhere) . If you've got a suggestion... answers on a postcard please.

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Honeybee said...

A lovely person has just presented me with an almost identical item - the insects are painted slightly different colours - so I can tell you that the lower half is not a flat saucer but has a 6cm deep bowl incorporated into it, which could easily be used for honey or jam. Presumably the cover has been made to resemble the shape of an old bee skep.

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