Monday, August 15, 2011

Unusual subject and Unusual mark

This piece came to my attention some time ago and i've been meaning to share it with you. It's highly unusual for two reasons; the first is the mark of Powell & Bishop in this oval format. I have never seen this mark before and it's not listed in any of the pottery factory mark books I own or even Goddens; the second reason is the plate's subject matter: the matyrdom of Thomas Thomkins, a Protestant, at the hands of Catholic Bishop Bonner. What a peculiar thing and I suspect, really quite rare.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Stephen Outram said...

I am excited to find your site as I have my first Powell & Bishop item; a serving platter. It has the Caduceus trade mark and the word "Elsie" stamped on the back and I wonder if it was made for a shipping line. Have you seen this before?
Cheers, Stephen

Anji said...

Suffered with admirable patience? I suppose it made life easier for the torturer..

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bisto boy said...

indeed! it must be much easier for the torturer if the victim is stoic.

bisto boy said...

Hi Stephen,

i've seen the Elsie design before - little flowers if i'm not mistaken??? but can't say that i can connect it specifically to a shipping line. Bishop & Stonier certainly provided wares to the White Star line and most famously, Titanic, but it wasn't the Elsie pattern.

Anonymous said...

I have a nursery plate with the same marks and could not find anything about it have you found out any more about your plate

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