Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A proper brew

 There is nothing in life that a good brew can't put right!  And what better way to enjoy my Earl Grey (yes, i'm a heathen, i take it with milk), than in an Abbey patterned mug by Bishop & Stonier.  There are many precious antiques out there, but i think they're so much more satisfying to collect when you can actually use them as well.


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Sometimes, life doesn't turn out the way you expected. And sometimes, it is exactly as it was 'meant' to be. But whilst i'm not a believer in fate or fatalism, I do believe that life is a both a learning experience and an obstacle course to be climbed and clambered over in the most creative way possible! In doing so, you'll get to where you should be even if it's not where you'd imagined.