Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beautiful Jugs, and not a silicone implant in sight!

You will know how on occasion I like to show you some of the different pattern designs that Powell Bishop & Stonier used on the same mould shapes; how in using different patterns and surface treatments they could re-invent a shape and extent it's longevity, especially useful if there was a large stock of blank pieces in storage. Well, here are some examples of jugs and their accompanying wash sets dating from around the mid 1880s.

 One of mine
 tragically undersold on Ebay and I MISSED IT!  DOH!!
Sold at auction in 2006 for £450

found for sale in Hungerford

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sunnylove said...

Beautiful Jugs,i like it so much! thanks for sharing! Patek Philippe Astronomical Celestial

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