Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fake Bisto ALERT!!!

Well, well, well... I never thought i'd see the day, but it had to happen.  Here, for sale, is a bird shaped jug which claims to be by the Bisto factory.  Apart from having a Caduceus type mark, everything else is wrong.  Which is a shame, because I actually rather like it and am even tempted to buy it as an oddity for my collection.  My worry is that 1) someone will buy it and think it is by Bisto and 2) that this is the tip of a titanic sized iceberg of more "fakes" ready to come on to the market.  This piece has a caduceus mark with the letters "E F" so can't really be called a fake, but there may still be the intention to deceive.  Certainly, the seller of this piece has been led into thinking it was by Bisto.  I'll have to do some homework to try and find out more about who did actually make this rather charming bird (is it a Puffin??)


bisto boy said...

I think this piece was made in Czechoslovakia, but haven't been able to confirm. Certainly, the style and colouring would suggest deco period from a Czech factory.

Anji said...

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I think that is it a puffin too. Perhaps you should send the seller a little note to let them know that it might be a fake. We sell vintage postcards on eBay and if ever we make a mistake other postcard fanatics soon let us know!

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