Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Presentation cups

Powell Bishop & Stonier sold commemorative presentation items, mainly cups and mugs which could be personalized with gild lettering to mark a special occasion or person.  One such example is above and there is currently another for sale on a certain internet auction site.  In one sense, it's sad that they no longer hold sentimental attachment for people and many owners may not have the first clue who the person commemorated was, but they are great for collectors because they are often clearly dated and give a window directly on to a time and place in history.

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Amazing Glaze said...

... there is a certain "disappointment" when you find beautiful objects at flea-markets and such, that are inscribed with name and date....a little scream inside..."who could discard this?" or it make you wonder was there nobody left who cared? a bit sad.

they are very pretty...

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