Wednesday, June 04, 2008

toilet break

This was the absolute find of the day - a complete Bisto wash set: wash bowl and jug, soap dish (with it's drainer), toothbrush pot and a chamber pot (otherwise known as a "gazzunder" because it 'goes under' the bed). The oriental / chinoiserie design in a colour combination of purple and yellow - opposites on the colour spectrum - would probably make most people go "YUK!" which is perhaps why the price tag was reduced from £85 to £45. I had seen the set in the shop's window on my last visit to Lewes and thought at the time it MUST be by Bisto, but the store was closed so I couldn't investigate. Sadly, there is some damage, a large crack in the bowl, but this is not uncommon for pieces of this size and a broken handle on the chamber pot. Rather bizarrely, it looks like it's been repared with a sticking plaster that's been coloured black - not exactly conservation standards!

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