Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wishful Thinking

I normally buy things to add to my collection from antiques fairs, junk shops, charity shops and occasionally auctions, but most often from Ebay. Ebay has some sellers with their own online shops - presumably they have a physical retail premises somewhere but also choose to sell online. It was whilst browsing the ebay shops that i found a 1931 'part' dining set with hand coloured flower decoration. To many people's eyes they would be quite gross (in fact, i must admit, they're really NOT my cup of tea either and would've been much better for not having the sponged rim). Anyway, the astonishing, astounding and quite unbelievable part of this find was the price being asked. I'm not sure if this strategy works for this particular seller, but they sell parts of services on an individual "Buy It Now" basis. So, to actually buy their whole stock of this pattern, you would need to part with a whopping £549.82 to buy each individual plate, platter and tureen. All I can say is "Good luck" to them, coz i think they'll need it.
OF COURSE, the moral of this story is that things are only worth what someone is prepared to pay for them. As i have noticed that they have re-listed and re-listed this set many times with no sucess in selling them, I would suggest that in this instance, there is a bit of wishful thinking going on here - and as I am myself (to my knowledge), one of the biggest collectors of Bishop & Stonier and I would not be prepared to pay the price being asked, even if i did win the lottery, I would state the case even more firmly. Have a look and see what you think.
If you are the seller of this set and you've found my blog, it's obviously not up to me what you charge for things, i just wish you all the best!

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bisto boy said...

what am i saying!?!?!? of course, it's worth EVERY penny and you should all go out and purchase Bishop & Stonier pieces for lots of money - that way it will push up the value of my collection!

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