Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wedgwood tradition

I recently added the above Aesthetic Movement coffepot to my collection and was struck by how thoroughly "of it's period" it is, and yet, how the look of white silhouetted designs are classic. The look was first seen in British pottery at the Wedgwood factory where they introuduced Jasperware. White moulded designs were applied to the solid colour background of the jasperware body and were most often in a neo-classical style. Powell Bishop & Stonier did not, to my knowledge, produce any Jasperware, or even anything of a similar technique. They did however, use moulded relief forms and coloured background to replicate the look of Wedgwood, but gave a more "modern" Aesthetic interpretation to their designs.
The Minton factory took on the idea of the white silhouetted design and used a new technique called Pate-sur-Pate (paste-on-paste). This technique applied thin layers of porcelain paste which gave a translucence not available to the Jasperware designers.
Wedgwood Jasperware Teapot

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