Monday, November 24, 2008

Devil Cat Causes Chaos

Well, our pussy has come home - for a holiday at least. My partner and I were once proud parents to two cats, Curzon and Dax (named after a symbiant alien creature on Star Trek: Deep Space 9 ... yes, we're sad Sci Fi geeks). During a period of several house moves, they went to stay with my parents, where unfortunately, Curzon disappeared. We never found out what had happened to him and were very upset by the incident. After several more house moves and finally ending up in a small, first floor flat with no access to a garden, we thought it would be cruel to confine our remaining moggy indoors and put her up for adoption with a dear friend. She has been there ever since, very content, very spoiled and getting quite fat. Dax has visited us again on occasion when our friend has gone away on hols, but i haven't had quite as much pottery lying around for her to break before now. You can see from the pictures below how one little pussy cat can create so much havoc - she is the Shiva of felines. We have had to cat proof the house and put pottery and porcelain up in areas that we now she can't reach (mainly out of age and unfitness!)
Some of my collection, safely kept behind glass.

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