Tuesday, November 04, 2008

ribbed - for your viewing pleasure

This jug would originally have been part of a toilet set - comprising at least of a jug, wash bowl, soap dish, toothbrush holder. It's pattern name is Cyprus and is part of the Oriental Ivory range. I think the colours sit beautifully in a contemporary interior design scheme. Wash jugs like this are wonderful for displaying large, rustic flower bouquets because they have such wide neck openings.


Anonymous said...

I have the abbey bowl in blue and white and was wondering what is something like this worth?

bisto boy said...

well, that would depend entirely on the size,purpose,condition of the bowl in question. Being Blue & White makes it more saleable simpy because of the sheer number of B&W collectors out there. But it's not an unusual pattern so it would need something special about it to command a high price tag.

Anonymous said...

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