Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blind Man's Bluff

Ok, so most of these pics will already have appeared on my blog at some time or other. But there are now enough of them to show how Bishop & Stonier used the same moulds over and over again; they simply decorated them in different ways to suit trends and fashions of the day. Hence the title of this blog posting - objects that are so different to the eye, yet so similar to the hands.
Corinthian column candlesticks: one in flow blue on white background, the other pink on Oriental Ivory.
These simple jardinieres show the variety of surface print design used by Bishop & Stonier.
Fruit bowls - very basic in their shape, but with endless possibilities for surface design.
Ginger Jars have been popular storage vessels for centuries, but their decorative appeal is also widely appreciated.
Simple, slimline ovoid vases. They are too small necked to be used as flower vases, so the decoration is very important to their display appeal.
Tall, conical shaped vases are given very different design treatments during the Art Deco period. Dragon handled vases were very popular and produced by several companies, most notably Burleigh. The majolica, relief moulded design suits the design theme really well. The second jug relies on stylistic art deco interpretation of a Pre-Raphaelite idea.
Large ewer type jugs (originally from wash stand sets) with swirling ribbed bodies are given different transfer printed treatments. Firstly, two colour variations of the Cyprus pattern. Then an odd mix of aesthetic botanical flower prints and woodgrain/marbling type patterns on one vessel. The jury is out on that one!
Very oriental in shape, these two lidded jars/vases are both given oriental printed designs. The first, with an intensely full dragon and cloud pattern in Blue & White; the second, a hand coloured enamels version of the Fuji Yama pattern.
This list of how favourite shapes were used repeatedly, could go on and on. If you have any other variations on the shapes i've just presented, i'd love to hear from you!

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