Tuesday, January 06, 2009

ironstone vs earthenware

This is an example of Oriental Ivory ware, but it uses a completely different design aesthetic for inspiration than anything from the Far East. It's a jug and bowl set in a Celtic Revival style and is made of earthenware. Sadly, the first set is not in my own collection,but the following two examples are!
I've had three days off work (two days off and one lieu day owing from working my butt off over the Christmas/Sale period) and today we took ourselves off to Lewes. The plan had originally been to go to the massive antiques fair at Ardingly, but I got my dates wrong. Today was a "Trade" only day and we didn't want to take the risk of getting there only to be turned away at the gates. So, we decided to play safe and head to one of our favourite antiques hunting haunts. The weather was clear and sunny, but OMG was it cold! The last time we visited, I came away with lots of PB&S goodies. Things weren't looking so good this time (there were a couple of things i'd seen previously, but are labelled far to expensively) until in the last 5mins before everything shut up shop, i happened upon the above jug & bowl set. I immediately recognised it as by Powell Bishop & Stonier because it is the same pattern as my very first jug from the company. This, however, is rather different in that it is ironstone (not Oriental Ivory type earthenware) and a simple colour combination of Pink on White with gilded highlights. Sadly, the condition is atrocious, but i just had to have it so that the whole day wasn't wasted! I've done something that i would NEVER normally recommend; i had a go at touching up the rubbed gilded areas. eeek. I have some liquid gold leaf at home for other craft projects and thought that because it's condition was SO bad, it couldn't hurt to have a go at some minor restoration. Although i am pleased with my efforts, it's not to professional standards, and the fact there is still a huge crack and chip rather detracts from my newly painted gold bands.
For comparison, here is the new addition jug in pink&white with gilding on ironstone body, against the ivory bodied earthenware jug i bought 3 years ago with it's cobalt blue, orange and gilding.

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tom said...

dear bisto boy, i have a bishop and stonier platter. its appox. 16 inches long. white with blue flower edges. the stamp on back is the caduceus but on top of that it says "torbay" and on the bottom says england. can you help identify this for me? thanks tom, florida

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