Sunday, January 11, 2009

White Star Line 2nd Class Delft pattern

Sold on Ebay today - this small dish, made by Bisto in the Delft pattern (in flow blue) and brokered to the White Star Line by Stonier & Co of Liverpool: it sold for a very healthy £335 This pattern china was used by 2nd class passengers on ships such as Titanic and Olympic. Demand for White Star line pottery and porcelain is so great that copies now abound on internet auction sites - some quite open about the fact that they are facsimiles, others less honest. This dish is the genuine article however, and the bidders were out in force. Sadly, i don't think the fact it was made by Bisto was the main reason for the bidding frenzy, but simply that White Star line has a truly major collectors market. That said, Bisto wares for White Star line don't seem to come up for sale as often as some other manufacturers wares that were bought by the company. So, there is some rarity in their coming to the market.

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