Saturday, May 23, 2009

Latest Acquisition

Here is my latest acquistion, filling a rather beautiful spot in my Bisto vase collection. It was mainly the colour that drew me to this pot I am rather happy with it. It's a great example of how Bishop & Stonier combined different techniques on one piece, in this instance: gilded areas, handpainted enamels and a stippled effect background. I'm unsure how this blue background was achieve, but it is a feature of several pieces in my collection. From what i know of 1920s/30s decorative ceramics, a couple of popular techniques were sponging the colour on and spray painting! Perhaps this is one or t'other. On close inspection, i don't think anyone, however passionate about Bisto wares, could argue that it was a fine work of art, but it's decorative appeal outways the few errors made by a paintress's unsteady hand.

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