Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tiles R Us

I recently saw this wonderful tile, handpainted with a classical scene - perhaps Diana and cupid? On the back is the mark of BISTO (Bishop & Stonier) and it rather took me by surprise as i had no idea that they had produced tiles... or had they? Well, i'm going to reserve judgement about whether the factory did produce decorative tiles on any scale until i've come across more examples. My hunch is that like a dish i've just blogged about, the tile was possibly bought as a blank and decorated by someone unconnected with the factory to show off their artistic prowess. That's not to say that the factory didn't have competant artists who could've painted this tile, I just wonder if there was a market for it? Printed tiles, yes, but handpainted? That would take a lot of man hours and be costly to produce. Anyone got any more info on this, or perhaps a Bisto tile of your own in a cabinet? Do get in touch.
added 16.08.09 found these two transfer printed tiles on ebay and thought i'd share them. So it appears that the company did produce tiles in quantity.

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