Tuesday, May 05, 2009

When is a biscuit not a biscuit? When it's a Jaffa cake.

firstly, my apologies for such a small image - it was 'borrowed' - but i hope you get the idea. This is a biscuit barrel by Bishop & Stonier and would date from the early C20th. I have never seen such a thing by this company but it reminds me a lot of others from companies like Wiltshire & Robinson's Carlton Ware who readily used new materials like Chrome, silver plating and nickel plating for utilitarian wares such as canisters and biscuit barrels. This technique brought a bit of glamour to cheaper wares and imitated the look of real silver - no respectable middle class family would've been without one! On the subject of biscuits, did you know that in the UK, there is a higher tax on Biscuits than there is on cakes - something to do with perishability. bizarre.

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