Sunday, July 20, 2008

Diversifying your collection

There comes a point in any collector's life that they begin to wonder, should i diversify? The options open to a collector about what and how to collect are many and it can be hard for some people to remain focussed! I know from experience that I have found my eye wandering... I have begun to think about other BISTO (not gravy) connections and how i might introduce them into my collection; one such addition would be the Ogdens cigarettes card set of "Modern" British potteries which was produced in the early years of the 20th Century. It included images of wares from all the major British pottery manufacturers of the time: from Wedgwood, Moorcroft,Carltonware, Poole etc to the now less well known: Forresters, Elton, Clews etc. I say "less well known", of course to collectors of these wares and ceramics enthusiasts, they are not so, but to the general 'Flog It' watching public, they will hardly ever have heard of these great factories. One of the cards in the set is of a BISTO dragon vase. It's a double gourd shape, probably number 27, and has a glorious orange background with stunning dragon image. I have to say, if i ever found one (pref. with the stand shown in the picture) i'd give my eye teeth for it. And how do i know it's number 27 in shape? well, the wonders of Ebay.... I had seen for sale a vase of the same shape, but with the fruit design I have on a ginger jar. Godness, i'm such a ceramics geek.

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