Friday, July 18, 2008

Royal memorabilia and souvenir wares

It is not uncommon to find Royal memorabilia or souvenir wares produced by various Staffordshire potteries as they were a great money spinner of the day. Collectors of these wares are widespread and they will be able to tell you more accurately than I how much you should expect to pay for wares commemorating different monarchs or events, but generally speaking, the less popular the monarch was in their day, the more rare and valuable the pieces are today. Commemorative wares were not restricted to events such as Royal coronations, birthdays or jubilees but were sometimes made for local events and civic functions. The plate above is a very strange and, i believe, rare example of a plate commemorating the matyrdom of a Protestant believer at the hands of Roman Catholic Bishop Bonner. in Tudor England.
A beaker commemorating a Royal Visit to the town of Leek in 1913 - obviously a very big event for a small town!
the coronation of Edward VII and his wife Mary in 1902
The plate above was produced to commemorate PEACE after World War I and was presented by Samuel Samuel M.P to celebrate "The Great Victory of the British Empire". This interesting piece of social history tells us so much about that time when the "Empire" was still looked on with respect and pride. Mr Samuel was a businessman and conservative MP for Putney at this time. This little trinket box (sadly missing its lid) was given to me as a birthday present by some friends and is a really lovely little thing. It commemorates the coronation of King George V. The mark on the bottom is quite unusual for the company - perhaps they were keen to differentiate their wares from poorer quality commemorative pottery. It also gives us a good bit of historical info that it was produced at their Hanley factory.
This stunning jug was made to celebrate the 1887 Jubilee of Queen Victoria. It has a black transfer print of the royal coat of arms on an ivory body and indeed, is marked as Oriental Ivory. The portrait of her Majesty is rendered in a sepia toned transfer. I was extremely gutted to have lost out on this jug on Ebay recently, sadly finances prevented me from placing a large bid to secure it. I was interested to see that the winning bidder is an avid collector of Royal commemorative wares, so I wish them well in adding this find jug to their collection (sob, sob). The jug was not advertised as being by P.B&S so i found it by searching for Oriental Ivory

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