Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ebay Police

I hate to admit it, I'm one of those terrible people that feels he needs to police Ebay and comment on wrongly listed items (when it suits me, that is). If I come across a listing that is factually incorrect - wrong dates, wrong names, wrong pattern etc, I tend to email the seller to let them know. How sad is that? And how rude! Anyway, this set of bowls (pattern name: Leicester) was advertised as being by Pinder Bourne & Co. I have found this to be a common listing mistake as people will look for P&B in their marks reference books and make the wrong assumption. The evidence that it is not by Pinder Bourne is the accompanying mark of Oriental Ivory. The irony is that I myself have bought items that I knew were incorrectly described because I wanted to grab a bargain and thought it might go for significantly more money if people knew the correct attribution. This canny git side of me has snaffled several bits for my collection that other collectors may not have found because the seller didn't properly do their research. So, why did I interfere with this auction, well, it's not the most exciting pattern is it? ..... but if it had been a whole dinner service, it might've been different...

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