Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I was recently contacted by someone asking about the pattern called Honfleur. Although I don't have any pieces in my own collection, I was able to tell the emailer that this aesthetic style pattern came in different colourways - three of which are illustrated here: blue and white, brown transfer and with handcoloured enamels. The above pattern mark shows that the design was registered by Powell Bishop & Stonier and you can accurately date it if you have a registration reference guide ( i don't, sorry). The name Honfleur was used by several other factories, such as Wedgwood and bizarrely, Noritake. Many of P.B&S 's aesthetic designs were produced in plain brown transfer and mainly exported abroad. They also produced designs with coloured enamels and other colourways such as black/grey and white, pink & white. I do find the Brown & White not so appealling, but i understand it is highly collected in the USA.

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