Monday, August 11, 2008

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa...

My partner and I took a trip to Salisbury, Wiltshire today for a stroll around this very well-to-do and very attractive city. If you've never been and you get the chance to go, do, it's lovely. Well, I have a favourite antiques shop there that climbs over three levels and houses many wonderful things from: furniture, antiquities, old books, photographs and postcards, silverware and pottery galore. Salisbury and this shop, is not really a cheap city to visit; so make sure you go just after your paycheck has arrived or with lots of birthday money in your pockets. I first saw a trefoil shaped dish in a cabinet on the ground floor: 1930s, BISTO's attempt at Art Deco mixing geometric trees and black bands with a more traditional body shape - not very successful and to be honest rather ugly. But it was BISTO and I was tempted, rather than come home with nothing. I thought I'd come back to it if I found nothing else. On to the top floor and peeking out from beneath a pile of other things I saw this baby's bowl with an image of Little Red Riding Hood and went Goo Goo Gaa Gaa over it. I have seen the design before and recognised it as BISTO instantly but I couldn't see a price label as it was obscured by the rest of the pile. I duly asked the man behind the desk to open the cabinet for me and saw it was £45 - hmmph, more than i would've like to pay at this stage in the month, but certainly a VERY good price as even chipped ones can go for over a hundred. This bowl is in fantastic conditon, no chips or restoration and only minor knife marks - what a find. I left it for half an hour then had to go back. The man knocked a fiver off for me and I am now delighted to add it to my collection and show it to you. This may be the start of a nursery ware section of my collection. I have previously blogged about another dish I saw on Ebay but never got round to bidding on it. May be i'll be more proactive about bidding now.

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bisto boy said...

Having surfed the net to find out who could possibly have done the illustration for this design, i'm sill none-the-wiser, but I did find a great site called which has some fantastic pictures for sale. I could see similarities with the work of Kate Greenway, Eileen Soper, Charles Robinson, Florence Harrison. Take a look for yourself and may be you can help me attribute an illustrator to this wonderful image.

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