Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Titanic Exhibition at The American Museum

If you are in the vicinity of Bath over the next few weeks, and you have any interest in Bishop & Stonier, the Titanic or anything/everything America, do try to get along to the American Museum off the A4 . I visited this week for the first time and was delighted to see that they have a temporary exhibition about the RMS Titanic, its sinking and the effect it had on British and American society. Included in the exhibition are table settings of the china supplied to the White Star Line as would have been laid out on the Titanic. Stonier & Co of Liverpool were the suppliers of many luxury goods for the White Star Line cruise liners and they even supplied things produced by Bishop & Stonier. It was a truly fascinating exhibition which quite surprised me as i generally have no interest in that sort of thing. You can buy genuine and replica White Star line pieces from (just don't tell them i "borrowed" the pic - it was all in the spirit of good natured promotion i promise). Also at the museum is an amazing array of American art and crafts, particularly an extremely important collection of Quilts and latch rugs. GO!

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