Friday, August 22, 2008

It's all Gravy

I've often joked that those surfers who happen upon this blog out of a desire to fuel their fetish for all things gravy, will be sorely disappointed. But not on this occasion! Drink and be sated you sick gravy fiends!


pennelaine said...

I'll try again. Somehow my comment got left under the wrong piece. What if anything do you know about this pattern? I have 2 plates in same pattern which I have been told are by Powell, Bishop Stonier. My daughter has several pieces from a different seller. The main design looks the same but hers have no pink ribbon border. Thanks.

bisto boy said...

hi Pennelaine - I have also have a tureen in this pattern that i have previously blogged about. And, a plate, but that has a different border pattern, not the pink ribbon/rope edge, but a floral type border - see my posting on plates, the most underrated collectibles.

There's not really a lot to say about the design except that it's a handcoloured transfer print of a chinoiserie type design. I think P&B first used it and then PB&S. I don't know whether Bishop & Stonier continued to use it. I feel it looks quite French in it's interpretation of Chinoiserie so there may be some similarities with companies like Sevres - you could try looking at some of their designs to see if there is any obvioius copying going on.

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