Friday, August 22, 2008

Prunus and chintz

I've mentioned this site before on my blog, but i thought i'd show a little more of the wonderous, gorgeous, lovely, lustmaking stuff that you can find on the site of The pics here, ("borrowed" all in the good natured spirit of helping to promote the site, of course), are illustrations of things in their virtual museum - they may be for sale, i'm not quite sure how it all works. I thought i would use them to show you, dear reader/s(?) the pattern known as "Prunus" or cherry blossom. The prunus tree has been used in oriental design for hundreds of years and epitomises the oriental aesthetic. In this western blue&white interpretation, it has become far more crowded in it's design than would be found on original Oriental pieces and perhaps looks more chintzy for it. Indeed, they are pretty contemporary with the Chintz ware pieces produced by companies like Winton. the vase above is such a wonderful shape with the flared bottom - if it weren't for the prunus pattern, i might think it far more like the work of art potteries such as Ault or even the work of designer Dr Christopher Dresser.

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