Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Recently Purchased

Below are pictures of recent purchases: i. a plate bought in Petworth, West Sussex. Made by P.B&S (Powell Bishop & Stonier) in the late 1870s and part of their Oriental Ivory range - the pattern name is "Ravenna"and has a heraldic feel with cartouches of lions. I absolutely love the colours of this plate and strangely, it resembles the work of Pinder Bourne & Co who sometimes are confused with Powell & Bishop because of the similarity of initials marking. ii. a jug bought in Petersfield, Hampshire. Made around 1930 with the mark of BISHOP England - the pattern is called "Indian Tree" and was extremely popular with several different factories producing their own version such as Meakin and Johnson Bros. The pattern is still being produced today and has a large number of collectors. iii. a small oval dish (one of a pair shown) bought from an Ebay seller. Made by P.B&S and part of the Oriental Ivory range - the pattern name is "HONG KONG". I already had a jug in this chinoiserie type pattern but this is the first example of PB&S that I have ever seen with areas of lustre. To my knowledge, lutreware is unusual for this incarnation of the company who tended to use "flat" coloured enamels - but previous to them, L.P & co (Livesley Powell) used copper lustre quite a lot. This style of chinoiserie with lustreware reminds of the work of Regout of Maastricht.
iv. a chinoiserie design cup and saucer bought in Storrington, West Sussex. Made by BISTO (Bishop & Stonier) in a Flow Blue transfer print with handcoloured enamels - the pattern does not have a printed name, but it is commonly known as the Tea House pattern. You can see from one of my first Blog entries a couple of years ago that I have a few pieces with variations of this design.


pennelaine said...

What if anything do you know about this particular pattern? I have 2 plates in this pattern. My daughter has from a separate source several pieces which look just about identical but have no pink ribbon border. I have been told mine are by Powell, Bishop Stonier.

bisto boy said...

hi pennelaine, you left the same comment on another posting - was it this one you wanted info on?

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