Sunday, July 20, 2008


The Victorians and Edwardians seemed to love the image of peacocks in design. Many pottery factories used them on their work - one of my favourites is a fantasticly rich design by Thomas Forrester in the Phoenix ware range. They fit so well with the Art Nouveau aesthetic. The toilet set shown here is on an Oriental Ivory body and extremely beautiful in it's extravagently chintzy looking design. Perfect for the time and again in the Laura Ashley decors of the early 1980s, but out of fashion now. Still, someone liked it enough to part with over £400 for it at auction according to one internet site. The problem with sets like these is not many people have the room to either display them, or even to use them. It's sad to say, but sometimes the jugs, bowls, and even the chamber pots alone are more saleable them sets because they can at least be used. Spitoons are perhaps a bit harder to swallow nowadays.

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