Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BBC Homes and Antiques Magazine - hurray for technology!

I have been an absolute devotee of the BBC's Homes & Antiques magazine for several years now and have a huge pile of back issues by my bed for some bedtime flicking. Infact, it's the only magazine that once it enters my flat, it never leaves again - unlike others such as House & Garden which gets recycled after a few weeks. I occasionally visit the website, but hadn't paid much attention to it, assuming it was just a brief summary site of the printed magazine. What I hadn't discovered until this evening, was that you can search back issues and Antiques Roadshow programmes for valuations of your chosen subject or maker. On searching for Stonier I found that in 1990 someone had taken their mothers collection of Oriental inspired plates by non other than Powell Bishop & Stonier to be valued. Whilst I was mightily miffed that I was NOT the first person to take PB&S along to a roadshow, and that actually someone had beaten me to the line in getting a piece filmed :-( , i was still thrilled to see that there was some credit given to this fab factory.
On the subject of the Antiques Roadshow, I can happily say that I had a dream come true moment on Sunday and appeared in the background as Hilary Kay was being asked about her "What would you save in the event of a fire?" interview. Did you spot me?

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