Saturday, February 07, 2009

Kensington P.B

There are various ways in which I search for Powell Bishop & Stonier items on the internet, and particularly on internet auction sights. One way is with the letters "p&b" in the pottery and porcelain section. There are usually several other things that come up alongside Powell & Bishop when doing this kind of search: Quimper, Limoges, Pinder Bourne, and Price Kensington Bros pottery which is sometimes marked as K.P.B. To add to the confusion, Powell Bishop & Stonier produced wares with a pattern they called "Kensington" so you need to sift through quite a bit to find the ones you want. When I was thinking about this confusion and cogitating a blog posting on the subject, i checked the picture files saved on my computer and found several with the pattern name of "Kensington", but bizarrely they're not the same. In short, i don't know how/why i've saved them with the same pattern name, when they are clearly not the same patterns. Perhaps this was how they were described on the sites i took the pics from. To have different patterns using the same name is not unheard of across different manufacturers - as mentioned previously, "NANKIN" was used as a pattern name by several potteries. But to hear of one factory using a pattern name over and over, except with actually different patterns would be very odd. Any ideas? Maybe it's simply a slip up in my admininstration!

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