Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deco Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie designs - that is, designs which use 'Chinese' / oriental themes have been popular for many centuries in the West. The trend has come and gone over the years and here is an example of an Art Deco period chinoiserie design. Bishop & Stonier did a number of designs on a black background at this time and it shows off the other really pretty colours in the pattern. This jug has just joined my collection and is wonderful for floral displays because of the wide neck. It would have originally have been part of a wash set, so if you happen to have a matching bowl at home, do get in touch! The hand coloured enamels are really very charming and are infact exactly the same pallette as a vase in my collection which I blogged a few years ago. On ebay this week is a bowl from the same period and same pattern, but a different colour palette. The shape of this bowl seems to crop up a lot at this time, with similar pieces produced by many different factories - i personally have seen shapes similar by Carter Stabler Adams (early Poole), Rialto ware, Hancocks, Cauldon to name a few.

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bisto boy said...

i am DELIGHTED to report that the worn out Ikea Klippan sofa in the background of this pic has now been replaced with a Laura Ashley one. My first experience of buying furniture from them was one of joy! I am a very happy bunny today.

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