Tuesday, February 10, 2009

learning curve that hit a brick wall

I have recently bought this beautiful studio pottery bowl at a local antiques&collectables fair and no doubt, the keen eyed among you will realise that no, it's not by BISTO (this is becoming a bit of a theme for this blog of late - my apologies if you're a die hard Bishop & Stonier fan and are becoming bored with my forays into more modern territory!). I fell in love with the bowl's shape and texture which reminded me of the work of Hans Coper and Lucie Rie. I say, "reminded", but i have never seen one in the flesh so to speak, only in pictures. But this piece just spoke to me. After purchasing a guide to British Studio Potters Marks and systematically devouring every page, i'm afraid to say that i'm still none the wiser as to who made this bowl. I have drawn up a short list of names where the marks given in the book have some similarity to that on the base of the bowl, but i must admit, i find it difficult to work out from mark books what part of the mark design is raised, incised, impressed etc. Also, on the bowl itself, what bit is part of the mark itself and what ridges of clay are just displaced clay around the potter's seal. So, here it is - perhaps like on previous occasions i could trouble someone to help me out with the attribution. Many thanks.


Archimandrill said...

Check the mark for Audrey Richardson in the book ( I assume it's the Yates-Owen/ Fournier one.)There's some of her work at http://www.nantycoy.co.uk/Audrey_Richardson.html. Very nuch in the Rie/Coper tradition (anti-tradition /)

bisto boy said...

i had Audrey Richardson on my shortlist (and indeed, yes, i have the yates-owen/fournier book on the suggestion of Mark Hill - www.markhillcollects.blogspot.com) Many thanks for directing me to images of her work which i am confident confirms your suggested attribution. Your pretty good at this putting names to marks malarky!

Martin said...
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