Monday, February 09, 2009


If you are anything like me, you will hold you hand up and say, "my name is Joe Bloggs, and I am addicted to pattern". Strange that I should say that because looking through my wardrobe of mainly plain blues, greys and laterly purples, you would more likely have thought me rather conservative and 'safe' in my design choices. But in my defence, I work for a highstreet fashion chain where the options for suitable uniform are limited to plain colours, basic stripes and muted checks. By the time i get home and slob out, it's more likely i'll slip on a comfortable pair of jogging bottoms than a fancy paisley number, so pattern has been restricted to other areas of my life - wallpaper, cushions, curtains, ceramics. I have just added another ginger jar to my collection and thought i'd share with you the fabulous oriental inspired design. I use the word "oriental" advisedly because it conjures up images of a vast land mass with a myriad of cultures all jostling for attention. Most often for Western ceramic design, Oriental has meant coming from or inspired by China and Japan - most notably with Blue & White pottery & porcelain. But the Indian subcontinent too has had an impact on Western design as cultures and colonial powers clashed and then merged. Asia's influence has identifiably been felt in textiles design - Paisley type patterns were made hugely popular in the late 19th / early 20th century because of retailers like Liberty's. Although this is not a Paisley design, there is something of that trend in this piece which incorporates fruits like pomegranates, leaves and flowers (Moorcroft collectors will know how popular these motifs were at that time). Added to the printed design are the vibrant, Asian influenced colours. These colours can be found on a variety of other BISTO designs and their combination on this piece is particularly pleasing.

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